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Goals of
Leading Sales

From practice for practice

Excellent ideas are created when people who not only possess exceptional professional expertise, but can also interact with each other with joy and respect, come together in a community.

Innovative formats for the exchange of experiences between executives and experts promote other perspectives and allow new things to emerge.

Members are leading personalities, experts and senior high potentials from international large-scale enterprises as well as medium-sized and family-run companies, primarily B2B.

The aim for the participating companies is

  • to set impulses from the market,

  • to force an increase in sales performance with regard to sales management, sales culture and sales systematics

  • and to achieve increases in sales or efficiency with the help of a modular system of application modules and innovative implementation measures.

This should enable the participating companies to achieve competitive advantages or to realign their sales landscape from competitive disadvantages that exist today.

The current work focuses on disruptive sales and business models as well as the continuous expansion of the sales strengths of the participating companies.

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